Upendo Reviews of Other Black Authored Books

Here you will find Featured Black Authors of Black books, personally reviewed by the Upendos. In our home we have a black library for our boys filled with books that are a representation of them. We want to help you provide the same, with in detail reviews it will allow you to make informed decisions on what books to add to your library. If you are a Black Author of a children's book and would like a video review and feature, please send your books to: 


P.O Box 1491

Racine, WI 53403 

* or hit the contact us button on the home page. 

Alex has a social media presence of over 600,000k followers, your book will be reviewed by Alex and Aven. If you would rather it be reviewed by Karee or Avery please put that note in with your book. Once we receive your book, reviews will be posted publically within 1 week. 

Book Review on "Magically Melanated Manifestations"

Book review by Alex & Aven on

 " Magically Melanated Manifestations" written by Allegra Delise. A childrens book about a little girl named Sohelia teaching children to reach their goals. 

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Book Review " I Am A Boy Of Color" by Deanna Singh

Book Review " I Am A Boy Of Color" by Alex and Aven

This children's picture book is a tribute to the beauty and power boys of color possess. It is a positive visual image of boys of color to counter the ones that now consume our mainstream media. The children depicted in the book represent all different ethnic backgrounds, engaging in the joy of childhood. Get your copy here

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