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My Black is a charming book for young readers (4-8 year olds) that addresses the sensitive and sometime divisive issues of beauty and identity. It has a lyrical, upbeat air that begs to be read aloud and offers an engaging rhyme pattern for young children. Vivid illustrations capture the spirit and innocence of Alex and Aven, two brothers who find themselves at odds with each other over their skin complexion differences. With the help of their loving parents, the boys soon realize that their bond is deeper than what they see and our differences are what make us beautiful. My Black teaches children about melanin and the beauty of black skin and how we come in many different shades.

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Behind " Bullies Bowties And Brilliant Alex" 

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Check out this great video


Check out this great video


Written by Aven Upendo & Karee Upendo


Poke, shake and tilt. That's right. Each page is interactive, with lots of surprising fun. All you have to do, is turn the page to begin the adventure! For young readers age 2-6. This book is pure entertainment and 86 pages of fun! Written by a 5 year old himself, Aven can't put his own book down! 

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Each page is interactive!


Hours of page turning fun! 

Poke, shake and tilt to see what happens on the next page!








Trailer for " Poke-Shake-Tilt"

 Video showing how much fun the interactive book is!